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​​​INTERNATIONAL Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine 



IIOSHEM Welcomes You.

It's finally time to learn, step by step, how to become, grow and perform a professional healing session, on a multidimensional level.

You will have the knowledge and resources to become highly informative on healing, in what I call - Surface to Soul -

above the normal recognized social aspects of Holistic Health in your area or scope of practice and even personal

practice if that’s the road your called to.

Here begins your transition to personal power, freedom, peace, confidence, hope, and of course prosperity. 

In these courses, you’ll learn about safety, ethics, physical and emotional protection, balance, breath, and the many deep levels of emotional healing and body transfiguration. There are so very many other important areas of healing that you may or may not have awareness of just yet, but let no fear enter your sphere, keep your head up and hopes high, as you are surely on the right path to success and spiritual mastery as a practitioner to becoming a responsible healing advocate

in your practice or personal business. 

These classes will provide you with self-healing tools and also give you the confidence and in-depth knowledge, you

need to offer a vast amount healing sessions in a professional setting to all walks of life. 

Join the journey to Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Certification Programs.

The classes are very informative and combine hands-on practice. You will work on and pair up with other learning

students in the Foundations class as well in our Certified Practitioner Program.
We provide copious amounts of facts and fun in our teachings while combining the grounds of Solid Spiritual Truth.

You will feel and witness unseen energy shifts such as emotional releases, supernatural experiences,

out of body accession, and some will even see the unseen.

Most attending will surely become more awakened to the soul that really does live and desire a profound change in life.

Of course when you're entering this type of teaching how can you deny it. 

While you are healing and learning at the same time, don't be surprised by the heart flutters. This will trigger your leaps and bounds as well as your signs and wonders to passionately seek and earnestly desire change in the lives of others who seek enlightenment, health, physical healing, hope, trust, and most importantly love. 

NOTE: This work is contagious and when you hit this level of Joy you're riding on Spirit Full Time. 

These courses are so fruitful you will leave with nothing less than euphoric bliss and the desire to rush time. Your heart will soar with childlike wonder and innocence for the next class, so in advance hold on till next time. 

We hope to see you in 2023 at IIOSHEM ` School of Energy Medicine!


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Say Hello to Learning, Good by to Urning as you are not here by some mistake. You have reached this path because you are ready and willing. The path of Spirit makes no misconception, confusion, illusion, or false move in carving our way. Take the journey if your called to reach knowledge in Spiritual Truth for worldly hope in a
​personal & professional way.