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​​​INTERNATIONAL Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine 

Gratitude Statement And Testimony of Personal Thanks. 

I'd like to kindly thank you all in advance for those who are reaching out to a higher awareness by pursuing your spiritual path and soul desires. Let it be this door or another door of choice, either door you choose is not the point, but rather that you're seeking and you’re reaching to the energy that calls you forward. This is the first most important sign that you are ready and fear no longer holds you back...Congratulations!! 

SO WELCOME! Please have a browse around, I hope you find what speaks to your heart, and not just here but anywhere else your path leads you and your doorway opens. 

I know first-hand that stepping into the healing guiding light you were called to become, takes great courage and great strength.

So from my heart to yours, I truly say Thank You. Thank you for embarking upon the journey to spiritual ecstasy, while fearlessly moving forward into your full light-body potential & your personal path. 

 I have much compassion and gratitude for those who choose to claim their power. This very thing captivates my heart by the minute and hour. As I know that this is a gift given to all, but not many are willing when called to walk forward.

Thank you for honoring the highest good and greatest gift of all that dwells in you. Thank you for your sacred heart and burning passion for touching the world with your love and seeing them through.

It’s by touching the many souls who have not known a life of bliss, good health, true healing, or love, that truly benefit from the hands of you, and the hand of truth. Those who trip will no longer fall, but in the reflection of our shadow they are made new and stand tall.

 I personally believe that the light force of Spirit in us; when fully awakened, leads those that are ready and willing to shine a heart of True Compassion

For the greater good of all that lives within us, is the everlasting space of LOVE that calls us.

In this mission of love conviction, we are simply reflecting and illuminating the light that shines through us, not from us.

So again, Thank You for Illuminating your spirit and allowing your soul to catch the spark and push you far.

May your heart be the catalyst that blesses the world, as we all have that illumination of light that lives within us, it is not to be forgotten you are a prestigious diamond, raw and radiantly gleaming in its purest form. 

Love Me,
Stormy Lake