Students enrolled in the Institute of Spiritual Healing and School of Energy Medicine shall conduct themselves in the following manner: 

Make a commitment to provide professional, quality services to anyone seeking their care or expertise
Perform only those services which they are trained to practice (and are professionally licensed and/or certified to perform according to their school, local laws and regulations)
Perform all services with sincerity, integrity, and positive intention
Educate clients about the products or services offered (fully and accurately) in order to allow the client to make an educated decision about their treatment or services
SHEM Certified Practitioners know their limitations as individuals and as practitioners, setting their boundaries accordingly with those they serve, with colleagues, and within the larger community.
SHEM Practitioners open themselves to feedback offered by their students, clients, colleagues, and mentors.


Instructors/Practitioners should communicate with respect and graciousness, whatever the physical, mental, and emotional states of the clients/students. Instructors/practitioners must never abuse clients/students through actions, words or silence. Everyone is to more in heart space and love at all times.

SHEM Practitioners closely monitor their personal needs to be liked, to be admired, to achieve status, and to exercise power, and seek feedback, guidance, consultation, and supervision from friends, colleagues, mentors, supervisors, or other professionals to keep these needs from interfering with others or their effectiveness in the services they provide.

SHEM Practitioners examine their professional association’s Ethics Code in the context of their own religious and spiritual beliefs, or other personal codes of conduct, and address any conflicts with officials in their professional association.


Because students and clients may confuse the power of the work with the presenter, the Instructor/Practitioner must exercise extreme awareness, sensitivity, and caution in entering personal relationships. The Instructor/Practitioner is responsible for providing good service and protecting the interests of the student/client. As such, the instructor has a responsibility to ensure that anyone with whom he or she has a personal relationship is treated equally to any other student during the course of instruction. The Instructor must guard against giving such a person either special attention or worse treatment than any other student would be given.

Ensuring that clients have been told alternative healing of any kind is meant to be complementary and that it should never be used to replace or substitute conventional medical treatment or force personal spiritual beliefs on anyone.

SHEM Practitioners continue and maintain and respect the acceptance of the client’s right to accept or refuse advice or treatment of any kind.

SHEM Practitioners are to keep all client information in complete confidence at all times. Disclosing or talking with friends or family about the clients or the details will have their certification canceled and considered void, no longer will they be listed on our Practitioner page as certified, accredited with or affiliated with the school of IIOSH.

Practitioners must also provide a professional, safe, and comfortable atmosphere for clients seeking treatment and must maintain strict hygiene standards in all areas of practice.

SHEM Practitioners are to refuse in engaging in any behavior that would be considered unprofessional or detrimental to either the client or the practitioner (this includes engaging in sexual behavior, performing services under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.)

SHEM Practitioners not only elicit each client’s hopes and expectations for using SHEM, they also discuss any unrealistic expectations as early in the healing relationship as is reasonable. Expectations are to be reevaluated throughout the professional relationship at times deemed appropriate by the practitioner or at any time at the client’s request.

SHEM Practitioners recognize the many pitfalls of being overly attached to the outcomes of the services they provide. “Trying too hard,” micro-managing a client, or becoming overly invested may have a paradoxical effect. This is one of the dilemmas that should be considered before providing Holistic Health Care Services to family or friends.
SHEM Practitioners must continue upholding the learned techniques and practices set forth and outlined during course & class by the teachers and instructors and maintain integrity at all times.

SHEM Practitioners exercise the right to refuse to accept into their care any person seeking their services when they judge this to not be in the best interests of the client or a threat to their own personal safety.

SHEM Practitioners consult with, refer to, or cooperate with other professionals and institutions, with their clients’ consent, to the extent needed to serve the best interests of their clients. In particular, they understand the boundaries and limitations of their services and make referrals as needed accordingly to assist in a professional manner at all times. They are clear with clients about whether or not they have personal knowledge of the skills of a particular practitioner, but maintain high conduct and NEVER disrespect or step out of line as a professional SHEM Practitioner, but instead, advise and encourage clients to interview perspective practitioners before committing themselves to that practitioner’s care. It is important to release the need to control the outcome and any emotional attachment to a client, while always leading the client to make their own personal decisions and not based on your perceptions or others opinions.


Instructors/Practitioners strive for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and by continued education and training. SHEM Practitioners must continue to seek education in order to improve upon and expand one’s knowledge and healing practice by attending educational teachings by IIOSH-EM, every two years to maintain certification standards and be listed on our Certified Practitioner page AND continue to be accredited through our school as ACTIVE & REPUTABLE SHEM Practitioner.

IIOSH exercises the right to refuse or remove any student enrolled at their discretion at any time, without written consent or prior warning. The International Institute of Spiritual Healing holds themselves, teaching instructors, as well as the students accountable for maintaining self-control and self-awareness at all times and maintaining professional awareness and respect of those around them.


The names and material of Stormy Lake and IIOSHEM used in any retreats, seminars, instructor training, classes or events and books, videotapes and audiotapes, are protected by copyrights and trademarks owned by Stormy Lake and IIOSHEM., and that such names and materials may not be reproduced in any form (whether in print, electronically or otherwise), sold or otherwise used without written permission, and Stormy Lake must be credited as the source of such material.

SHEM Practitioners are fully responsible for obtaining any necessary insurance needed to run their practice in complete confidence and uphold legal requirements of their practice.
SHEM Practitioners agreeing to use the course materials in and of The International Institute of Spiritual Healing for only your personal reference (i.e. not sharing course materials with unregistered students). All material is Copyrighted and any unprofessional use of or duplication it is a felony, do not share or duplicate the following course material as you will be held accountable.

Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine is not a regulated in medical practice or a practice that diagnoses or treats in anyway illnesses of body or mind, however it may be a complement to such practices.

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