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Spiritual Life Coach

Taking Spirituality to the next level of healing 
IIOSH- 2016

Please submit your interest in the class, by filling out the form. Details regarding the class will be sent and the application for enrollment will be emailed.

We will then review your application to enrollment and contact you directly. We are happy to answer any questions prior to registration and all concerns will be addressed. Please enter your phone number for a personal follow-up from the instructor. 

Students Entering the Supernatural Foundations Course are not required to be a graduate of year 1 or 2 - of IIOSH-EM Practitioner Program. This program stands on its own. No prior prerequisites are needed.

These courses are segmented in four individual class courses, three topics to each course. One may elect to complete the four class courses online, at one’s own pace and or speed. For instance, if you enrolled to take class course one Walking Forward, as long as you follow the guidelines and submit the written test required in the two weeks following the course completion. Upon passing, of course, you may take the class (course two) Living the Spiritual Life, when you choose.

This online certification gives you absolute freedom in your personal journey to work at your own discretion, as life can be unpredictable and we do not believe in added stress. We believe all things in balance and peace. So by your personal will, you will achieve at your pace, with no pressure to do so, and as you are intuitively led. When reaching your goals by full completion of all four courses you receive a Certification of Attendance as well as the successful passing of all test in the timeline and complete live demo's for confidence, you will be registered as A Certified Spiritual Life Coach in Supernatural Wisdom through IIOSH. 

This online certification program will help you gain awareness and increase your knowledge about the unseen forces above below and within space & time. This Course can be taken by Practitioners or the layman. As a practitioner, you can use these modalities to reach an entirely different level of healing by allowing added services such as Spiritual Coaching with your clients, having gained knowledge and additional resources for healing the wounded soul.

Many practitioners know the details of their client's life story and often many are at a loss for words and don't have the proper training to offer assistance. This course is for preparing you to assist the client and many others in your future to the open access of heaven’s gate that is available to all who seek the deeper things of the spirit, this being client and practitioner as well as anyone looking to deepen their awareness in their personal journey.

As mentioned above, this certification course will also require live testing via Skype after completion of competency in each of the courses offered as well as submission of a written test two weeks after your class completion as noted above.

There will be live questions and answer sessions available for the each course you have taken included in the course price to help you connect deeper and bring clarity of what you have learned.

The program is structured at one course per week. I recommend waiting until you complete the full course of 3 weeks in each program, as it would be best, just write your questions down and save them until the end of course completion.

This is by choice not an absolute, so you may choose this option at your will if interested. Appointment times will be made known to you after written test is submitted.

The teaching consists of live recordings available online and requires a combination of applied practice between class courses for development. Each required practice will be noted in each course as you enroll. It's a small amount of homework but is most sure needed.

While learning at home for the term of three weeks, during each course study you will be required to record and journal your learned skills in some of the courses, (THIS is Personal Application) so with this understanding, you will utilize the information as the application for applying those skills learned in your life.

You will be required to submit the following - a description and detail of what you applied and its result. You will have up to three weeks after written test is submitted, to apply the teachings and journal the details and outcome.

Those details will be taught in each class specifically. You may also elect to complete and submit them at the time of test submission if you choose. Knowing your schedule is busy we have allotted the grace period of three weeks after course completion if needed.

 As a required part of this course for graduation, we additionally require some classes to provide a list of practices will be recorded on your part from clients/friends or family members (THIS IS NOT a personal application, this is working with others) its hands on practice for development. So any willing client friend or family member who is open to working with you in depth as grounds for success would be acceptable to record. This includes the name and contact information and personal consent of each loved one you work with. This is applied to our research study and remains confident. You will be given a consent form for each practicing party you work with. This will be required as part of your passing grade, and again will be applied in confidence to our research study program for future advancement in our "Healing The Wounded Soul" Data System.

Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine is not a regulated in medical practice or a practice that diagnoses or treats in anyway illnesses of body or mind, however it may be a complement to such practices.


Foundations  Course 

Open Enrollment & Registration Starts - May 1, 2017 

Now, Full, Next Enrollment Is - Jan 2018

Online Courses in Spiritual Wisdom Guidelines:

Each course holds three topics of wisdom and teachings & provides a demonstration with hands-on ability to use the resources safely and efficiently. Personal Investment is $89.00 per course. This includes manuals for each course, and one on one Q & A, and Live Demo.

Your Total Investment - $356.00 plus tax

You may pay as you go and each time you enroll and you will be given access to the next course class or pay in full. 

As noted above you can take the courses at your own pace, this meaning if you choose to wait 2 weeks or 2 months for the next course class you may do so. Each student will be monitored and mentored individually, and at the end of each course completion, you will be offered a scheduled time for live Q & A session if needed. The only requirements will be to submit your written test within 2 weeks of completion of each class courses 1-4, and as required in each course - personal application and journaled outcome due 3 weeks after initial test submission, And Live Demo in each class course. 

As for submission of research: only a few classes you will need to complete your research study on friends family willing clients & love ones. Details listed in course classes. 

A Life Coach Course in Spiritual Wisdom!

This Certification Program Provides

 Supernatural Insight, Individual Development

& Personal Healing.

Upon Completion, you will be Registered with the International Institute Of Spiritual Healing as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach for Supernatural Living. Thus developing your skills and personal healing while assisting the world for a life worth living, in the Supernatural Life of Spiritual Wisdom.


This Certification Program Provides Supernatural Insight, Individual Development, and Personal Healing. 

Upon Completion, you will be registered with the International Institute of Spiritual Healing as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach for Supernatural Living. In turn, developing your skills and personal healing while assisting the world in a life worth living, in the Supernatural Life of Spiritual Wisdom. 

This certification course gives students the opportunity to gain increased confidence and grow with compassion in IIOSH while they deepen their understanding and expand their practice. Here we learn and apply the tools for a much deeper level of personal healing in the Supernatural Realm of Spirit.
This course will reveal the heart of all attending and promises to bring remembrance of who we really are. It's a different perspective of the cosmos, reconciling Spirit, Energy, and Science * It is the wisdom of the ages leading you to the understanding and application of universal consciousness.
We encourage you to take the path to Spiritual Mastery. We expand in this course the higher transpersonal grid system, as a human (self) to the universal heart & beyond. We will move from being Al-One to remembering we are truly - All-One. Divine Healing is unlimited. As we walk into the realm of spirit, we remember who we really are, and we go from being "separate" to all connected. In other words, we consciously embody God within us.

 Science has discovered that the nature of the cosmic hologram enables the expression of the maximum amount of awareness to be embodied within space-time. The incredible diversity of life and the uniqueness of our individual awareness ensure that this capacity is fully utilized for the physical embodiment of our experiences. This is ultimately the whole purpose of our integral consciousness - our soul has chosen to be here, to co-create, learn, expand, share and spread the good news. So here we learn to expand human awareness and embody co-creativity whilst increasing our understanding as a member of the community of all life for personal growth and to help enlighten those in need.

This is where Heaven’s Gate is open and the result releases great blessings on earth such as the gift and the giver of wisdom, revelation, discernment, miracles, and Omnipotent * power not known to many, and not of this world. 

This class is formed with a firm foundation of spiritual truth. This course is for understanding the spiritual truth behind our earthly logical thinking to apply the supernatural miracles to our life & others. 

 Course of Classes: A Basic Overview 

Walking Forward  Course 1

*The Art of Healing In the Spirit - Releasing what no longer serves you

*Door to Hearing the Spirit - It's in you

* Communication & Intercession - Grow in wisdom 

Living The Spiritual Life Course 2 

*Understanding Your Visions Through The Spiritual Eye - Revelation

*Understanding Spiritual Life & Its Principles - Access to Heaven

*Blue Prints of Heaven - Seeing & Receiving Signs Wonders & Miracles 

Spiritual Development Course 3

*Understanding The Gifts - Finding yours

*Developing Your Senses   

*Trusting Spirit Internally - It lives in you.

Living The Supernatural Life Course 3

*Prayer & Spiritual Warfare - How to apply

*How To See the Unseen - Increase Discernment 

*Application For Healing Through Unseen Forces - Personal Freedom & Deliverance