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​​​INTERNATIONAL Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine 

About ~ Stormy Lake

Stormy has practiced Holistic Healing for over a decade. Her passion for healing has been with her since a young child of twelve. She has had a personal desire to assist the wounded souls as far back as she can remember. This heart conviction has led her into many doors for creating a life of unlimited resources and growth. This burning desire is what inspired her to set the foundation for a deeper awareness with like-minded individuals who choose to live a healthy life of hope and grow by leaps and bounds of faith. She aims to teach the masses how to reach heaven on earth. 

Stormy witnessed true synergy in her personal journey and could not deny the perfect balance and healing that took place. It was by the combined forces of Science, Energy, and Spirituality into her life that brought profound change. She used those resources in her personal practice; Divine Energy Healing and witnessed a true transformation in her healing sessions. Thus creating a Practitioner Program to change lives, and transform souls in the ways of assisting other like-minded practitioners to the power of healing surface to soul. This journey was the catalyst that birthed the International Institute of Spiritual Healing and School of Energy Medicine. This Certification Program is the life she actually lives, by applying these very principles in her own personal walk and practice.

Stormy wants to share her knowledge with the world. Her goal is to create the true possibility of inner healing while living a life of bliss and perfect peace. Her hope is to promote world healing by the supernatural lifestyle that is available to all souls and combines a spiritual worldview for all to understand. Stormy claims (The Power of Healing Isn't religious, It Is Supernatural) and not from the source of our personal souls.

Therefore, The International Institute of Spiritual Healing and School of Energy Medicine offers true encounters of supernatural signs and wonders and provides resources for healing beyond the flesh. Stormy quotes, “IIOSH-EM (International Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine; is the perfect recipe for those ready to transform and enlighten one's innermost self, as a person and a practitioner, whilst at the same time reaching to those in the world needing guidance, and assisting others to achieve personal power.  In turn, the outcome sets a new foundation for all, acquiring inner peace, a new exhilarating spirit, and most surely a restorative soul.”

Stormy Lake serves as:

  • Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Instructor, and Spiritual Teacher
  • Divinity in Akashic Record Accession
  • Advanced Certified Practitioner in Akashic Records -The Pathway to Prayer Process by Linda Howl
  • Certified Therapist and Practitioner in Akashic Records - The Mystery School by Amanda Romania 
  • Certified Practitioner in Crystal Healing, Ancient wisdom and Body Grids 
  • Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner for body balance & Organ Level Healing
  • Educates and Teaches - The Path of Sacred Prayer and how to gain access to Heaven on Earth in real time
  • She is Owner and Founder of the International Institute of Spiritual Healing and School of Energy Medicine.

She teaches multi-facets of energy work expanding from body balance to spiritual deliverance. She provides live certifications and Online Courses at IIOSH-EM for one and two year level practitioners who want to grow in their business and personal spiritual path. She teaches Dreams & Vision Interpretations and how to live a Supernatural Life Style. She is the Owner & Founder of Divine Energy Healing Inc., A Personal Practice for Touching Lives & Transforming Souls, Founder of Door 2 Spirit - A Co-Creation of spiritual accession and solitude for the sacred body & sacred mind. She teaches workshops regionally and holds annual spiritual retreats for expanding the continuousness of natural healing and spiritual development to the masses.

Throughout Central Florida and traveling state-to-state, she educates the path for others in EM

(Energy Medicine) workshops hold's prayer circles and provides others with access to the keys in which she calls an open heaven. Assisting others to develop awareness of the unseen spiritual warfare and ways of spiritual protection to a life of bliss through hope, prayer, and sacred living. She aims to increase the knowledge and confidence of the next generation for heart-centered healers and upcoming spiritual entrepreneurs who want to create a life worth giving, the sacred doorway to a successful family and business aligned with their heart and soul.  Stormy's inspirational spirit and extensive healing training, have her in her living the life she dreamed as Educational Director and Teacher.

Teaching others and facilitating the laws of natural energy and spiritual identity is Stormy's greatest passion and her life purpose. She enjoys sharing and learning from her students, creating fun environments, and informative posts for the school. Staying up to date with the newest learned healing modalities and the resources to share with all walks of life. She loves helping alternative practitioners learn techniques for self-healing and personal care, how to be of service to others, and how to diversify their healing arts practice and safely embrace spiritual healing and energy work as an alternative career path.

Stormy loves working with heart-centered souls, who are dedicated and motivated students that are serious about using divine intervention and with heart-centered loving intentions to make changes in their own lives (and in the lives of others). It is her mission to help like-minded people move into an alternative career so that they can increase their joy while producing income and most important, living a life that is in harmony with their spiritual path.

Wonderful Years of Life – Always Learning, Ever-Changing