​​​INTERNATIONAL Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine 

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Hello and greetings to all exploring the endless possibilities of healing Surface to Soul.

For all of you inquiring, I am ever excited and full of hope that each of you will be ready for the best year ever in your Spiritual Life, Purpose, and Path. My hope is that each of you will become graduates and grow in your healing practice, self-worth, and confidence thus in-turn reaching your community in a profound healing way.

IIOSHEM aim's to teach, equip, and train each of you to a level you have not witnessed in your healing journey. You will not simply be recognized just as a Certified Practitioner but will gain absolute mastery in the healing ways and purest form of Science, Energy, and Spirituality combined. By learning these healing modalities you will strengthen your gifts and awareness while increasing your personal passion for life. You will become exceptionally gifted in the mastery of unseen energy and you can confidently move into business owners, practitioners, and or healthcare advocates in your future endeavors while taking with you a sense of purpose and power to improving the future for the world’s people.

Join us and see what a few years at The International Institute of Spiritual Healing can do for you!

 Stormy Lake