* Learning the Symbolic Nature of Your Dreams & Their Meanings.*


Numerology in the Spirit

* Soul Dreams 

* Shades of Light

* Color Wheel 

* Finding the Focus 

* Dream Recording

* Soul vs. Spirit 

* Remembering your Dreams 

* Dream Categories

* Dream Interpretations

* Dreams for Intercession, Warfare, Healing, Calling, Courage, Self-Condition, Correction, Direction, Prophecy & Revelation, Word of knowledge, Fear, Deliverance & invocation. 

* Elements and Color 

*A Vision vs. Dream - Knowing the Difference

Course Class Includes Manual and Live Teaching on DVD - $75.00

Registration Date & Open Enrollment - 04/16/2017 

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Program Over View & Teachings

Join us in the Journey to Unlocking the meaning behind your Dreams and Visions. This is a course to teach you how to interpret and apply truth and revelation in your dreams, or Visions. Combining Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Principles to your life for True Transformation. 


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Dreams & Vision Course for Transformation