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You simply won't be the same! Our resources leave you with lifelong tools not just in practice, but in your own personal journey. You will gain understanding, awareness, and advanced knowledge in the principles of healing Surface to Soul. Healing isn’t restored temporary, it’s meant to be eternal.



The Adventure Begins

Self-Healing, and Empowerment

The graduates of our programs will get a quality education and will experience a profound personal transformation of self. Many students will awaken to enlightenment as they begin to feel a shift in the positive life changes soon after beginning our courses. We’ve built Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment into our training programs while recognizing that personal healing and growth are essential and necessary before going out into the world to offer professional healing and a door for spiritual growth to others. We must be sure our internal candle is lit within our self before we can be the candle for anyone else.


Our programs are not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination what so ever. IIOSH encourages everyone to learn the ways of healing through the courses we offer. We honor and accept the many faiths and belief systems of every individual because we are not here to judge. We do remain highly conscious of the philosophy that “there are many paths and doorways that lead to the top of the mountain side.” Perhaps there are many doors that lead up many different mountains. IIOSH respects the freedom and the right to choose, for every person to have their own path. In addition, we teach the basics and advancements of Supernatural Healing through the unseen but tangible presence of Divine Energy. This practice was not taught but experienced first-hand in Stormy's Walk of Healing. We aim not to change the belief but deliver a truth in the forces of healing no one could comprehend unless experienced personally, and this path starts with self-acceptance and moves in the ways of love alone.

Foundation Energy Medicine Year 1 Practitioner Program


Would you like to know What to Expect...

Where Science & Energy, Meet Spirituality 


We maintain intimate classes with caring instructors and will open the world of spiritual resources for healing self and others. Guiding you with the practical experience needed for success, we provide exceptional services in hands on learning helping you find your place in the world of healing with unlimited resources to walk into spirituality with confidence.


Our graduates will expand the conscience minds of every client they meet by touching lives, inspiring hope, and bridging the gap between the forces of Science & Energy to Spirituality.  Here lays the footsteps of the future for a true awakening in the natural world of Spiritual Awakenings for true transformation. We give you the hands on guidance and education you need to obtain a career in a variety of categories for Increased Energy, Optimal Health, Soul Healing, Holistic Wellness, Teaching, Educating and Coaching.  


Individuality and Diversity​​

Not one individual is alike – We encourage all of our students to evaluate their strengths, learning styles, personality profiles, desires, gifts, heart convictions, fears, phobias, and individual self-restraints. We assist students in acknowledging and accessing the resources to utilize one of the most powerful healing modalities they already possess – Spiritual Wisdom for Transformational Healing. For this reason, IIOSH encourages students to embrace the journey of the unseen to Spiritual Mastery of Divinity through body work & energy therapy beyond what human eyes can see.

Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Energy Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.
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Welcome to an amazing journey of Divine Healing Mastery of Science Energy & Spirituality......

Registration has only just begun and we have a waiting list for those interested in gathering up the prerequisites to join the Spiritual Journey Locally & Internationally for 2018.

It is highly recommended that each enrolling student attends at least 3 workshops if able, or purchase the class DVD (Introduction to Ascension) for beginners & (Healing Meant Naturally) within one year of enrollment.

 However, it is not imperative. We do understand that some are only just beginning the journey of waking, and are only just coming into their soul path & spiritual mission.

In any case, you will need to contact us directly & you will be guided to the necessary resources to prepare prior to enrollment of course class 1. Contact Stormy directly via email or phone to gather the necessary tools needed.

Below you will find the prerequisite information:


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